2021 Sustainability Symposium Poster Gallery

Celebrate the research and accomplishments of 2021 Sustainability Scholars: check out their posters and learn more about their research below!

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Poster Gallery

Effectiveness of Environmental Justice Organizing Tactics: A Case Study in Houston, TX (Sarah Waters, Dr. Nikos Zirogiannis)
Agriculture Runoff and Health in Greene County, Indiana (Brooklynn Shively, Dr. Rodrigo X. Armijos)
Learning About Life From Death: The Indiana Roadkill Display (Cooper Sykes, Dr. Avram Primack)
Influence of Water Sources on Blood Lead Levels and Juvenile Delinquency in Wake County, NC (Aralia Pawlick, Dr. Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson)
The IPCC and Controversies Around IAMS (Thomas Day, Dr. Jessica O'Reilly)
Hoosier Climate Change Attitudes Across the Rural-Urban Divide: What's going on in Rural America? (Molly Burhans, Dr. Matthew Houser)
Diversity and Discrimination in the Indiana Food System (Lucy Lippman, Dr. Shellye Suttles)
The Efficacy of Student Food Access Initiatives Amidst COVID-19: A Case Study at IU (Emma Campolattara, Dr. Olga Kalentzidou)
Integrated Local Sustainability Strategies, Capacities, and Performance Management (McKenzie Bennett, Dr. Aaron Deslatte)
Evaluating Outcomes and Efficacy of Natural Resource Education: Everglades National Park and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Better Education Courses (Ellie Albin, Dr. Gina Depper)
"Who Speaks for Nature?" Comparing the New York Times' Reporting Before and During the American Environmental Movement (Lauren Ulrich, Dr. Suzannah Comfort)
Drought tolerant seed use in the Eastern Corn Belt: Using seed dealer interviews to understand the lack of adoption (Victoria Seest, Dr. Matthew Houser)
Supporting Environmental Projects on the IU Bloomington Campus (Annetta Itnyre, Dr. Jon Eldon)
Supporting Black Indiana Farmers (Isabella DeMarco, Angela Babb, Julia Valliant, Kurt Waldman)
Green Connections: Social-Ecological Drivers of Plant Invasions on Green Roofs (Kieran Ball, Dr. Samantha Hamlin, Dr. Heather Reynolds)
Indigenous Peoples and Land Use in Indiana (Ethan Iversen, K Hartman, Jordan Blekking, Carl Ipsen)
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