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It's very rewarding to do hands-on work and to be able to engage with the public and it's already changed my perspective so much about how I approach my schoolwork but also how I approach the spaces that I'm in when I'm in the parksand when I'm walking around bloomington. Nature in the city is about students working with the local parks and recreation department to analyze some aspect of the different parks in the city. This class is very helpful for my future career because we're workingdirectly with parks employees. We get to go on little field trips around campus and we get to meet new people every week because we have guest speakers come in. We also went around with a health andsafety officer and kind of walked around campus and we walked along Jordan River. We're just trying to get like a general view of how campus and how Bloomington work together to keep our natural spaces you know usable and clean and beneficial for everyone. Bloomington is a good place to study sustainability because there are just so many different types of people here and we have a ton of parks and we have a lot of different types of parks. I think by educating this group of students and sending us out because a large part of the project is talking to other people it's a social project. Just having those questions out there will generate more awareness in the Bloomington community about the resources that are available in our city to go out and be around nature and also the things that need to be done to protect them.