Sustainability Course Development Fellowship

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The Sustainability Course Development Fellowship (SCDF), sponsored by Sustain IU and the Integrated Program in the Environment (IPE), supports faculty teaching of topics related to sustainability and environmental literacy at the IU Bloomington campus. This represents a component of a broad-based initiative to develop sustainability curriculum and a community of faculty engaged in its instruction. Interested faculty can apply for a summer fellowship to create a new sustainability-focused course, or significantly altering an existing course to include a more substantial sustainability focus. Fellows receive an average of $4,000 to support summer course development work. Proposals are due April 22, 2022

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Description of the video:

it's very rewarding to do hands-on work
and to be able to engage with the public
and it's already changed my perspective
so much about how I approach my
schoolwork but also how I approach the
spaces that I'm in when I'm in the parks
and when I'm walking around bloomington
nature in the city is about students
working with the local parks and
recreation department to analyze some
aspect of the different parks in the
city this class is very helpful for my
future career because we're working
directly with parks employees we get to
go on little field trips around campus
and we get to meet new people every week
because we have guest speakers come in
we also went around with a health and
safety officer and kind of walked around
campus and we walked along Jordan River
we're just trying to get like a general
view of how campus and how Bloomington
work together to keep our natural spaces
the you know usable and clean and
beneficial for everyone Bloomington is a
good place to study sustainability
because there are just so many different
types of people here and we have a ton
of parks and we have a lot of different
types of parks I think by educating this
group of students and sending us out
because a large part of the project is
talking to other people it's a social
project just having those questions out
there will generate more awareness in
the Bloomington community about the
resources that are available in our city
to go out and be around nature and also
the things that need to be done to
protect them

Grant recipients

Meet current and past recipients of the Sustainability Course Development Fellowship and learn about their summer projects.

  • Kurt Waldman, Department of Geography
  • Olga Kalentzidou, Department of Geography
  • Dana Habeeb, School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering
  • Todd Royer, O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs
  • Kelly Eskew, Kelley School of Business

  • Kelly Eskew, Kelly School of Business, "Energy Sector Law & Policy: On & Off the Grid"
  • Kim Novick, O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, "Infusing Sustainability into Undergraduate Instruction on Climate Change"
  • Daniel Cole, Maurer School of Law, "Legal History & Public Policy: Protecting the Environment"
  • Suzannah Comfort, Media School, "Science in the Public Sphere"

  • Kelly Eskew, Kelly School of Business
  • Stephen Glaholt, SPEA
  • Jessica O'Reilly, Kelly School of Business
  • Sarah Osterhoudt, Anthropology

  • Andrew Libby, Human Biology
  • Martha Macleish, Dept. of Fine Arts
  • Robin Reeves, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Heather Reynolds, Biology
  • Adam Ward, SPEA

  • Mary Embry, Dept. of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design, "Sustainability in Product"
  • Marleen Newman, Dept. of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design, "Sustainability, Adaptive Reuse and Historic Preservation"
  • Heather Reynolds, Dept. of Biology, "Bio-Diverse City"
  • Kenneth Richards, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, "Sustainability: A Tri-Sectoral Approach"
  • Lisa Sideris, Dept. of Religious Studies, "The God Species: Ethics in the Anthropocene"
  • David Stringer, Dept. of Second Language Studies, "Language Hotspots and Biodiversity"

  • Stephanie Kane, Department of International Studies, School of Global and International Studies, "Nature and the City: RIVERS
  • Scott Shackelford, Department of Business Law and Ethics, Kelley School of Business, "Global Business Immersion: Sustainability in Australia and New Zealand
  • Jim Capshew, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, College of Arts and Sciences, "Arborescence: Keeping Trees in Mind"
  • James Farmer and Doug Knapp, Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies, School of Public Health, for "Making Sense of Sustainability: Semester in the Environment"
  • Majed Akhter and Darren Ficklin, Department of Geography, College of Arts and Sciences, for "Water Security and Sustainability"
  • Stacey Brown, Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences, for "Nature and the Narrative 'I': Reading, Writing and (Re)Connecting With the Environment"

  • Tom Evans, Dept. of Geography: College of Arts and Sciences,"Geo-Literacy: Geographic Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking as a Foundation for Sustainability Science."
  • James Farmer, Dept. of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies: School of Public Health, "Planting the Seed: Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture"
  • Burney Fischer, School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Daniel H. Cole, Maurer School of Law: "Understanding Sustainable Social-Ecological Systems Through Institutions and Collective Action"
  • Rasul Mowatt, Dept. of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies: School of Public Health, "Foundations of Leisure"
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  • Meriem Chida, Dept. of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design
  • Lisa Sideris, Dept. of Religious Studies
  • Jiangmei Wu, Dept. of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design
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  • Scott Shackelford, Department of Business Law and Ethics: Kelley School of Business, "Sustainability Law & Policy"
  • Catherine Tucker, Dept. of Anthropology: College of Arts and Sciences, "Exploring the Challenges of Sustainability: Ecology & Society"
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  • Christine Barbour, Dept. of Political Science: College of Arts and Sciences, "Living a Sustainable Life"
  • Laurel Cornell, Dept. of Sociology: "Designing a Sustainable Campus Landscape"
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  • Tim Bartley, Dept. of Sociology: "Statistics for Sustainability: A Research Course on Environmental Literacy, Attitudes and Practices"
  • Melissa Clark, SPEA: "Environmental Sustainability"
  • Jeffery S. McMullen, Kelley School of Business: "Environmental Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development"
  • Phaedra Pezzullo, Communication and Culture and Jennifer Meta Robinson, Communication and Culture: "Communicating Sustainability"
  • Richard Wilk, Anthropology and Peter Todd, Cognitive Science/Informatics (Sustainability & Environmental Literacy Leadership): "Food, Sustainability and Environmental Literacy: Building Collaborative Networks for Research and Teaching at IUB"
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